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Working in partnership

with you!

Your child's first years are a critical time for development and growth, that is why we ensure we work closely with you to foster a learning approach that works for you both!

Tips to help your child settle

The experience of starting nursery, moving rooms or beginning school can be a ... experience for both children and parents. That is why at a Cressington Manor Nursery we ensure that we communicate with you and put your child's need above everything else. 

Starting Nursery

Starting nursery is a big moment for your child and we are here to offer some helpful ways you can prepare and help settle.  We ensure every child has a settling in period were we ..... It may be ideal to walk past the nursery occasionally and point it out so it feels part of their life. ..... ​ ​


Starting a New Room

Transitions are milestone events for children with times of exciting changes and new opportunities, but it may also feel uncertain as surroundings change and routines differ. This is why we ensure that the individual needs of each child are met and that involves working your child's  Key Person and you. ​ To ensure your child feels comfortable with their new environment, a number of visits are arranged which begin with your child's new Key Person visiting your child in their current room. This allows your child to become familiar with their new Key Person in an environment which is familiar with.  We then work closely with your child and their new Key Person to build a bond and ensure everyone feels relaxed and valued, and have a sense of belonging to their new environment.

Starting School

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