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Our Learning Environments 

Our learning environments are carefully designed and planned to reflect children’s needs and interests and their natural curiosity to play, explore and find out about the world around them!

Visit  our nursery rooms and you will find happy, friendly spaces where children know exactly where everything is so that they can play independently and can do things for themselves. From areas to be quiet and relax in, to larger spaces to explore and be physically active, our learning environments provide lots of opportunities to play and explore both indoors and outdoors.

With communication and early language at the core of everything we do, spaces and resources are organised to offer lots of hands-on learning experiences, along with plenty of opportunities to talk, listen and communicate.


Buttercup Room is  for our youngest babies, up to the age of 15 months. Our baby room is a cosy, inviting space which encourages babies to play and explore to their hearts content! With a designated soft play area, nursery gym and nursery garden, our youngest babies can develop their physical skills through endless opportunities to crawl, walk and climb! With a separate 'Sleeping Bunnies Room', milk kitchen and nappy room, our carefully planned environments allows babies to feel safe and secure.


Daisy Room is our second baby room for babies aged 15 months to 2 years. This room is welcoming and bright and enjoys it's own nursery gym and nursery garden, perfect for our youngest explorers! With lots of sensory play and opportunities for hands-on learning,  our babies can explore and take risks in a safe and secure environment. This room also has its own separate milk kitchen and nappy changing room.


Our Daffodil Room is for our older toddlers, between two and a half to three and a half years old. With a strong focus on developing children's independence skills and natural curiosity, our Daffodil children are encouraged to make lots of choices for themselves. We offer lots of opportunities for hands-on play and sensory experiences and have a strong focus on developing children's independence skills, such as toilet training, learning to put on and fasten our coats, and use cutlery independently. Our Daffodil room also enjoys direct access to its own nursery garden, which is safe and secure.


Our Bluebell Room is for our younger toddlers and has direct access into its own small nursery garden. Physical play is an important part of the day, both indoors and out. Our Bluebell children also enjoy lots of exploratory play, and we have a strong focus on developing children's independence skills with this age range, such as toilet training, learning to put on our coats, and self-serve at mealtimes, using cutlery independently.