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Supporting Transitions

In nursery, we understand how important transitions are for both children and families. We have a number of strategies in place to manage transitions at nursery so that they are a very positive experience for all, and ensure that children feel welcomed, gain a sense of belonging and are helped to settle happily.

We know that with appropriate preparation and understanding, children are more likely to feel secure and settle more easily into their new environment which is so important for their confidence, well being and readiness for learning.


In nursery, we support transitions by:

  • Finding out about your child – before starting nursery, your child’s key person will work closely with you to find out all about your child – this is recorded  safely and securely so that we can refer back to it during your child’s first weeks with us. This includes information about: your family and close family members, your child’s preferences, likes and dislikes, sleeping arrangements and preferences, and dietary information to name but a few.


  • Settling in sessions are also a fantastic way to introduce children to our nursery rooms. Each child is gently supported throughout this process to ensure that they feel, safe, welcomed and secure in their new surroundings. With lots of new faces and friends to make and exciting activities, there are lots of opportunities on offer for them to enjoy.

  • Moving on to the next room is always an exciting part of a child’s development and next steps in their nursery journey! To support this, our skilled practitioners share information between rooms about your child, and accompany each child to their new room for settling in sessions. This ensure that where it is needed, each child has a familiar face, a gentle hug and a warm smile of encouragement whilst exploring their new environment. 


For parents, we introduce you to your child’s next key person and to the next room and tell you all about the routine, activities on offer and the staff team who will be caring for your child.


  • At the end of your child’s journey in nursery, there are lots of special preparations in our pre school rooms to support their transition to school. Our ambitious curriculum centres around a love of reading and developing children’s vocabulary , with a focus on stories, songs and games. This helps to develop children’s listening, attention, communication skills and confidence to equip them with all the pre reading skills needed, ready to start their transition into school life.


Our highly trained team will also share lots of information about your child with their new teacher at the Early Transition Conference run by Liverpool City Council. Transitions can also include visits from your child’s new teacher into nursery to meet your child, circle time activities around new beginnings and starting school, role play in the house corner with school uniforms and school bags, and favourite stories about starting school.


With additional activities such as Beatlife Drumming sessions and phonic sessions with Funzo Mark (see section on extra activities for further details), we strive to ensure that all children have access to high quality, ambitious learning experiences, perfectly tailored to prepare them for starting school. 

We love to celebrate all the milestones and developmental steps your child has taken during their time with us. From settling in, to making friends, to growing in independence and being able to zip up a coat or put on wellies, to running and skipping and jumping…. All these skills and knowledge are recognised and celebrated in our yearly Graduation ceremony! Parents and staff alike and always encouraged to have tissues at hand as we marvel at the wonder of each and every child and their journey to independence and confidence with us!

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