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15+ Years of Expertise & Experience 

We hire passionate, dedicated childcare experts who are committed to making a difference in children’s lives. Take a look below to learn more about our team, and reach out with any questions.

Our Curriculum...
What we want our children to learn.

At Cressington Manor Nursery, we pride ourselves on providing inspiring and exciting learning opportunities through our curriculum. With a strong focus on developing children’s language, communication and vocabulary, our exciting curriculum centres around stories, songs and lots of fun games. We aim to develop a real love of reading through our language-rich curriculum, which is carefully structured and sequenced so that it is progressive and developmental for all our children.  We follow a topic-based approach which also has the flexibility to allow our creative practitioners to plan in response to the needs and interests of each child, as we know that young children learn most effectively when they are deeply engaged and motivated through quality play experiences. Our play-based curriculum model carefully follows children’s stages of development and the different ways and paces at which young children learn.  Using a ‘Book as a Hook’ into learning each week curriculum offers endless opportunities for children to practice and refine their language and communication skills, to be introduced to new vocabulary, and to develop a real love of reading, all of which are so important for developing strong, confident learners and for preparing children well for their next stages of learning.

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