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Our Routines

Our carefully planned routines are an essential part of ensuring that all children feel safe and secure in nursery. We have carefully designed our routines so that there is also a progressive and developmental approach to routines across the rooms which supports children’s early transitions well.

Children know and understand from a very early age what to expect when and enjoy a clear sense of calm and order to their daily routine. From the youngest babies through to our pre school children, our routines offer lots of repetition for regular daily tasks and activities to support good habits and give perspective to the day.

Visit one of our baby rooms and you will often find even the youngest baby knowing what will come next in their day! From greeting and circle times, to play times, to nappies, to food and bottles… it all ensures that the day runs smoothly and calmly for our little ones!

Our highly trained and skilled staff team also work very closely with our families to ensure that we are sensitive to parents’ wishes and children’s individual needs.

Cressington Manor
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