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Our Food & Nutrition

Food, glorious food! At nursery, we love all things food, whether it be eating it, making it with our nursery chef, or finding out where it comes from! We really enjoy mealtimes and use this as a key opportunity to educate the children in respect of healthy eating and dental health and also to build relationship bonds and practice those early social skills.

Let us tell you all bout how we manage food and nutrition at the nursery:

Twice Yearly Menus Reviews coordinated by our In-House Nursery Chef and we also involve staff, children and families by asking for firm favourites and suggestions from home

 Cressington Council Mini Tasters - Each time our menus are reviewed the children from our ‘Cressington Council’ become ‘Mandy’s Mini Tasters’ and sample our shortlist of meals giving us a thumbs up or thumbs down for each one to help decide the meals that make it to the final menu!

Fresh, well- balanced meals from different cultures – we provide a varied, fresh, well-balanced menu which considers dietary requirements of the children at nursery as well as ensuring we offer foods from different cultures and varied culinary experiences for the children. Meatball tagine with sweet potato and Tex-Mex lasagne are particularly popular!

Family Favourites – we regularly invite families to share their ‘Family Favourites’ recipes, which are then recreated in nursery for our little ones to enjoy! The children are delighted when it is their special meal… favourites have included Passatelli and Winter Fruits Crumble.

 Dietary & Weaning Requirements – If your child has a special dietary requirement or weaning request, we can cater for this easily and have a robust system in place to ensure we meet those needs safely.

 Cookery Sessions - Our chef regularly goes into the rooms, leading cooking classes with the children where they can prepare their very own healthy food, developing their independence, providing them with choice and equipping them with cooking skills for the future.

Food Discovery – our children love to plant, collect and use produce from our nursery garden, which the children help to look after so they can see where their food is coming from! Fresh water and healthy snacks including fruit and vegetables are also provided through the day to ensure our children are hydrated and snacks support their growth, provide essential vitamins, and give them plenty of energy for a busy day at nursery!

 5 Star Rating - We are also very proud of our continued  5* star grading from Liverpool City Council for our food preparation and hygiene provision, further emphasising our commitment to first class food and nutrition for the children.

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