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I joined the Cressington team in January 2015. My role is to develop and lead a highly skilled, enthusiastic, dedicated team of childcare professionals, to ensure that we deliver high quality care and learning opportunities to the children in our nurseries.  Another hugely exciting part of my role is to lead the expansion of our successful childcare operation, providing new nurseries and career opportunities across the North West.


I have over 20 years experience of working in the Primary Education sector which has given me a wealth of experience in early childhood education. I have an extensive background in teaching and have held many senior leadership roles, including Deputy Headteacher, and I gained my National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) in February 2012.


My vision about early education is a simple one: Children deserve the very best opportunities in nursery to enable them to feel happy and safe, and to be inspired and excited to learn and grow, ready for their next stages in learning.



I have been leading the team as Manager at Cressington Manor since 2010.


I qualified as a nursery nurse over 25 years ago, and since then have gained a BA honours degree in Early Years Management and become an Early Years Professional.


I have experience caring for children of all ages and children with additional needs.


My role involves inspiring and motivating 40 highly qualified, passionate childcare professionals to deliver the very best childcare and education to all of the children in our care.


In my spare time I enjoy reading, cooking, keeping fit, travelling and spending time with my friends and family.  


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I joined the Cressington team as Deputy Manager in 2014 and I proudly gained a BA (Honours) in 2012.


I feel by achieving this, it has given me confidence to share my knowledge with our staff team, children and families through my daily roles at Cressington Manor.


I qualified as a nursery nurse over 14 years ago, and since then I have successfully gathered experience from working in residential children’s homes and two private day nurseries.


My current role wins every time when it comes to job satisfaction and working with a superb, highly motivated team.


In my spare time, you will find me spending time with my family, as this my most favourite thing to do.



Hi! I'm the accounts manager for Cressington Manor and I have over 25 years experience.


My role at Cressington Manor is to ensure the accounts department runs smoothly from invoices to payments and most importantly quires from parents.


I spend my working day talking with the wonderful families that attend Cressington Manor, discussing how we may assist them further.


I love working alongside the Cressington Manor team and look forward to creating more positive relationships, as well as offering continued support to our parents.




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"As ever, thanks to you and your team for the excellent love, care and patience! shown to Gaby".

- Mr. O'Donnell


I have worked at Cressington Manor since February 2016.


I enjoy meeting our children, their parents and carers, and helping to answer any questions that they may have.


This is a wonderful nursery. I have a lot of respect for my colleagues, and I feel privileged to work with such a dedicated, knowledgeable, and professional group of people.


When I’m not at the nursery, I enjoy spending time with my family, especially my two-year-old granddaughter!  



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I recently joined the company in November 2015 and have been enjoying supporting the nursery’s drive for outstanding practice and provision.


I have over 13 years experience working in Early Years with all age ranges of children from birth to 5. I am passionate about ensuring that each child has a happy and successful time at nursery so that they can flourish and reach their full potential in all that they do! Previously, I managed my family’s nursery in Cheshire until I was ready to fly the nest and settle at Cressington Manor! I am qualified in both NVQ Level 3 & 4 and Leadership and I’m currently undertaking a NVQ 5 qualification in Business Management.


In my spare time you’ll find me baking, crafting or hunting for bargains in vintage shops! 


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